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What are the benefits of wearing uniforms?(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2017-08-22
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  As the saying goes, the beauty of the heart are all, and girls are more serious, at work, female workers and men should wear the same work clothes. However, some women workers often lack of awareness of the importance of wearing uniforms, especially those young female workers, because of love and do not want to wear uniforms. This work is detrimental to their own health. Like the beautiful winter "frozen" people!
Wearing overalls for labor production has many advantages. In a dusty operating environment, wear uniforms, you can dust. Engaged in the lathe, fitter and other types of workers, contact with machine tools, greasy more, wear uniforms can play the role of cleaning. Precision instrument workshop, requiring workers to wear a white coat, wearing a work cap, so you can prevent the head, the clothes on the dust fell on the instrument, affecting the quality of the instrument. Women workers contact acid-base operation, put on anti-acid work clothes, can prevent toxic substances contaminated their own clothes, to avoid the body poisoned. At work, if you do not wear uniforms, their clothes will be poisoned, wearing their own clothes with poisonous home, can also cause harm to people at home. If you wear a poisonous drug to feed the baby feeding, the baby is more likely to be poisoned. For example, female workers engaged in mercury operations, because mercury vapor adhesion is very strong, it is easy to attach to the clothes, if you do not wear uniforms, mercury will be contaminated in the underwear, and then can be contaminated by clothes and other parts of the skin. Mercury can also cause damage to the body. With mercury clothes, one can make other people in the home suffer.
  Some women workers engaged in thermal radiation operations, or work in a humid environment, put on radiation, moisture-proof uniforms, are good.
  In order to produce safety and product quality, in order to female workers themselves, family members and children's health, female workers in the labor production, must be required to wear uniforms.
  In the nature of any thing the directors have two sides, on the line of uniforms, medical clothes and other professional clothing, all have to choose to see the kind, can not be completely negative.